ISMR - Institute of Safety Management and Research About Us

Testing, inspection and examination of Cranes, lifts, hoists & lifting machinery

We have been approved as a "competent person" by Director of Factories, Boilers, Industrial Safety & Health, Government of Karnataka.

We provide value added services we carryout testing, inspection and examination of cranes, hoists and lifts, lifting tackles and machinery.

Dangerous machinery - power presses, centrifugal machines etc., under factories act section 28 and 29 and other provisions w.r.t dangerous machinery.

We use technical evaluation of all such equipments critical to health and safety using maintenance - safety questionnaire.

Health and Safety Training

We can audit your organisation identity training needs both regulatory and non regulatory.

Develop training plan comprising of training matrix, training schedules training modules, training coordination, training delivery, training evaluation.

We will manage your training needs and expectations.

  • Executive training modules
  • Safety training for workmen
  • Safety Orientation training
  • Safety Hazard Identification training
  • Accident Reporting and Investigation training
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response plan training
  • Ergonomics awareness training
  • Ergonomics program implementation training
  • Chemical safety and chemical management training
  • JSA and Risk Assessment training
  • Safety teams (Safety committees) training
  • Lock out and tag out training
  • Industrial Hygiene training
  • Contractor Safety Management training
  • Construction Safety training
  • Any other customized training


Electrical Safety Audits

  • To make working place electrically safe
  • To bring electrical system nonconformity with standards & regulations
  • To make O & M men follow safe & SOP
Electrical Safety Audits

Purpose of audit

  • Compliance to Statutory Rules
  • Electrical Shock/ Flash / Injury Hazards
  • Electrical Fire Hazards
  • Earthing System
  • Competency and Adequacy of Electrical Personnel
  • Electrical Preventive Maintenance - EPM
  • Electrical Accident Investigation Procedure
  • Lightning Protection
  • Hazardous Area Classification and Installation of Special Electrical Equipment
  • Electro-Static (ES) Hazards and Control
  • Electrical Protection System


Safety Audits

We plan Safety Audits based on your processes, and scale of manufacturing or operations and cover the following :

Walk through audit of entire plant identifying the condition of equipments, processes, plants and systems, this walk through will bring out areas of improvements with respect to machine guarding, general housekeeping, safety signage's, electrical wiring conditions, trip hazards, dangerous conditions if any, pollution areas, employee awareness and attitude towards safety and PPE program implementation.

We audit safety management protocols like Health and Safety policy.

Health and Safety employee engagement policy and programs.

  • PC-1 H&S - Regulatory Compliance
  • PC-2 H&S - Hazard Recognition and Rectification program
  • PC-3 H&S - Safety training programs
  • PC-4 H&S - Safety audits, inspection program
  • PC-5 H&S - Personal protective equipment policy and program
  • PC-6 H&S - Emergency plans and programs
  • PC-7 H&S - High Risk Works
  • PC-8 H&S - Contractor Health and Safety plan
  • PC-9 H&S - Safety Management of change program
  • PC-10 H&S - Industrial Hygiene plan
  • PC-11 H&S - Chemical Management program
  • PC-12 H&S - Motor Vehicle Safety Plan
  • PC-13 H&S - Health Services plan
  • PC-14 H&S - Risk Assesment programs
  • PC-15 H&S - Ergonomics programs
  • PC-16 H&S - Lockout and Tagout program
  • PC-17 H&S - Maintenance Program of equipment and system critical to health and safety.

We will make report out on last day of audit followed by audit report with recommendations or action items.