ISMR - Institute of Safety Management and Research About Us

About Us

ISMR is a competent and capable professional organization managed by a team of experts who have decades of work experience in varied industrial sectors in the field of Environment health and safety.

Our team has specialized capabilities and is committed to deliver timely and quality services in Industrial safety audit, Electrical safety audit, Fire Safety Audit, Onsite Emergency Plans, Flash Hazard Analysis, Mock Drills, Emergency Response Plans, Risk assessment, Safety management system - devise and implementation, health and safety training program, Ergonomics program, Electrical regulatory compliance audits, Competent certification as per factory act and rules, O & M of ETP's and STP's, Food hygiene and safety program, EHS - regulatory laisoning and advisory cell, Construction Safety management, Contractor health and safety program.


" Create an environment of ultimate Safety in the field of work & Living. "


" Provide competent forum to deliver quality & timely solutions in safety, health & environment to industries & society. "