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We are a safety professional organization with a vision of making every office space, factory & residential building safe & comfortable, leading to creation of an efficient & better place to work and live in.

Fire Safety

Every factory, office space & high rise building needs to undergo a Fire Safety Audit & its occupants should be provided Fire Safety Training & Emergency Response Training, so that the organization is well equipped to prevent & mitigate and fire disaster & its occupants are made aware on how to respond in a fire emergency. There are plenty of unofortunate examples in our daily life that demonstrate how important fire safety audit & training is for life & property.

Occupational Health & Safety

We provide EHS services based on OSHA & IS standards. Our expertise is in Safety Audits, Safety Training, Ergonomics, Flash Hazard Analysis, Risk Assesment, Onsite Emergency Plans, O & M of STPs, Construction Safety Management, Food Safety & Hygiene... more